Thursday 27 June 2019

Recently, Xiaomi in one of their launch event revealed the successor of the MI  Band 3   that is MI Band 4. The MI  Band 3  was one of the most affordable and most demanded fitness trackers under the 2k price bracket and the same thing we can accept from the latest   MI  Band 4.
In this Article, we are going to cover some of the details of MI band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 
This time Xiaomi has introduced two new versions of the fitness tracker; one with the support for NFC, and one without. The more expensive model has the functionality for mobile payments, but again it's unlikely we'll see it around the rest of the world as in the past the company hasn't included it.
There will also be a  special edition for the Mi Band 4 with Marvel's The Avengers branding. There are three different color choices (black, red or blue) with the rear of the strap either sporting an image of the Captain America shield, Iron Man's helmet or the Avengers logo.

Release Date
According to the reports it is said that, that the Mi Band 4  is coming to India and other markets in the mid of July, but an exact release date has yet to be revealed.

The  Mi Band 4 base model is expected to cost around 1800to 2000 INR. There's also an NFC version that costs CNY 229 i.e 2500 INR but that will be available in China only.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 design and display
*; The biggest upgrades in Mi band 4 over the Mi Band 3 is the full-color AMOLED display. It's 0.95-inches with a resolution of 120 x 240, and it's the first time the company has employed a color display on its fitness tracker.

*It's larger than last year's screen as well, but it's worth noting that this is still a relatively small display. It's a touchscreen too so you cycle through functionality directly on your wrist.

*The new color display has allowed the company to introduce watch faces for the first time, which means you'll be able to customize the look of your fitness tracker's sleep screen too.

*There are currently 77 to choose from, and it may be something the company updates with further options in the future.

Worried about scratching or breaking it? There's 2.5D glass protection on top of the device to ensure that it doesn't easily break.

The design is largely similar to the Mi Band 3 with a silicone strap to ensure it stays on your wrist, and it's easy to pop the tracker out of this so you can switch to another band when you want to.

There are lots of color choices this year with black, blue, purple, orange and beige all being confirmed so far. We don't know if that's the full list, and it may be the company only sees fit to bring certain models to some markets.

Points To Note
~Although this is a fitness tracker, it isn't the most comprehensive health monitoring device.

~There's a heart rate sensor on the rear, like on the Mi Band 3, and it'll be able to track all of your daily steps as well as other activities such as cycling and running.

~The new six-axis sensor in the tracker also allows it to track a variety of swim activities. Xiaomi has confirmed it'll be able to monitor Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke, and Medley when you're in the pool. It can go into the pool because it's 5ATM water resistant.
~ You will be able to control music and can answer and denies calls from the band itself.

~Sleep tracking is also included on the tracker, but if you're looking for a fully fledged fitness device it's worth knowing that this only really does the basics and a little bit more.

~Xiaomi has estimated that the battery life on the tracker will be around 20 days from a single charge. We'll put that through its paces when we get to try out the fitness band, but it's a similar result to what we've seen from the company's past products.

~Xiaomi has included a few surprises here, and one of them is a microphone inside the tracker. It allows you to speak to the Xiaomi's own AI voice assistant to control smart devices or the music on your connected phone.

~It's unlikely this feature will be available around the rest of the world though. Xiaomi's AI assistant is currently only available in China, and there don't seem to be any plans to bring it to other markets in the near future.

~You won't be able to reply directly from the screen, so you'll have to get your phone out to be able to do that.

overall this band looks quite interesting and feature loaded, the one who is looking for a good fitness tracker in the budget Mi band 4 is to go for. And if you already have mi band 3, the only consider mi band 4 if you want a color display.


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